Added on by Jared Bartman.

I realize it's not really cool for artists to comment on the business/infrastructure side of their musical endeavors, but I just want to mentioned that I'm excited to start working with TR Agency for all my show bookings from here on out. 

I've booked numerous one-off shows and nine tours for myself since I started this solo project more-or-less officially in 2007, and I'm really looking forward to some help on that front. 

Booking shows is really hard work! Don't let anyone tell you differently. Let's all take a moment of silence here to dwell on the efforts of the booking agents who are quietly but painstakingly routing your favorite bands all around the world day in and day out. 

So keep on the lookout for more shows and tours from me in 2014 as I put Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows to bed and start writing for the next record!