Garden Gate Demo

Added on by Jared Bartman.

It's been a little over a year since I wrote the song "Garden Gate", which was included on my new album Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows. I wrote the song from top to bottom in one very long, exciting, and productive day, and also recorded a demo, which I will share with you here. 

The overall lyrical content and song structure is the same here as on the final album version, but there are a variety of differences in arrangement choices. While I greatly prefer the album version to this demo, I think it's fun to see how a song progresses from its inception to the final version.

The final version replaced the looped percussion battery for an animated drum set and roto tom performance by Andrew Hiller. The extra "ooh" backing vocals were traded out in favor of string quartet, arranged by Hamilton Berry and I and performed by Eric Pidluski, Jenna Ferdon, Geeta Abad, Alyssa Pryzgoda, and Charles Spurgeon. The normal acoustic guitar sound was exchanged for treated and key-gated guitar sounds and landscapes masterminded by Scott Solter, which we then doubled with piano with electric tape on the keys. Then came a very nuanced bassline by Per Ellingson, and some extra backing harmonies by Stephanie and I.

However; strip all the studio sounds away and it still sounds like a song!